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Lun, 06.07.2015

Diferencias entre LibreOffice 4.0 y Microsoft Office 2013

Diferencias entre LibreOffice 4.0 y Microsoft Office 2013

Con el reciente lanzamiento de LibreOffice 4.0 y la noticia sobre la posibilidad de que Microsoft lance una versión nativa de Office para Linux, vale la pena echar una mirada a las diferencias entre una suite ofimática y la otra.

Dicha comparación llega de la mano de los propios chicos de LibreOffice a través de su wiki oficial, en donde ponen en evidencia las virtudes, así como las variadas deficiencias, de LibreOffice 4.0 ante Microsoft Office 2013.

Una de las diferencias que más se remarca es la disponibilidad de las suites en distintas plataformas, siendo LibreOffice 4.0 la que más plataformas soporta —por obvias razones—, estando presente incluso en más versiones de Windows que el propio Office 2013 (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 y Windows 8 contra solamente Windows 7 y 8).

General office suite: LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office

Major Feature Differences LibreOffice 4.0 MS Office 2013
Cross-platform availability Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (based on the same code base). Windows and Mac OS X (based on different code bases resulting in some format compatibility problems and differences in the user interface). Mac OS X Version is old version "Office 2011".
Supported versions of MS Windows Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Windows 7, 8
Portable version that runs on USB flash disks (without installation) yes no (discontinued MS Office Starter 2010 edition runs on USB flash disks)
Open Source yes, licensed under GNU LGPL Version 3 no, proprietary and closed-source
Full integration of all office components supported, Start Center, creation and opening of files of other office components. not supported
Availability free of charge yes no, proprietary programme plus additional charges for language packs. 30-day trial version available.
Eco-system of extensions complex ecosystem of valuable extensions (over 170 on extensions.libreoffice.org and over 690 on extensions.services.openoffice.org) for LibreOffice (including automatic updates). partly, no centralized extension system.
Localization 111 languages 37 languages (37 main languages for purchase, 58 local Language Interface Packs for free download (only available for Office 2010 and older))
Changing language of the user interface on the fly supported supported, but requires additional purchase of language packs / download of local LIPs
Additional writing aids extended support (spell-check dictionaries, hyphenation patterns, thesaurus and grammar check, specialized dictionaries as extensions) limited, requires additional purchase of language packs
Support of complex languages and special font features (ligatures, true small caps, old style numbers, proportional or mono-spaced numbers, capital spacing, true superscript/subscript) yes via Graphite font technology limited via OpenType supporting ligatures
Easy access to vector clip art yes via LO Gallery (clipart extensions (1 or 2)) selection more limited
Macro scripting languages multiple languages, support for wide variety of languages (LibreOffice Basic, JavaScript, BeanShell and Python). single language, support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Indirectly also Visual Basic or Visual C# by using automation.
CMIS protocol support to access Document Management Systems like Alfresco, Nuxeo, SharePoint supported inbuilt support only for SharePoint and Skydrive
Support of ISO standardized OpenDocument (ODF) format advanced support limited
PDF export extended options multiple options (Additional options: detailed image settings, watermarks, HybridPDF, embedding of standard fonts, transition effects, tagged pdf, extended security and permission options, PDF forms, initial view settings, extended handling of URLs, digital signatures) no additional options
Creation of HybridPDFs (ODF file embedded in PDF for full editing) supported not supported
Import of graphics formats SVG vector graphics, PSD Photoshop and CorelDraw supported not supported
Import of MS Visio files supported not supported (only via MS Visio which is not part of MS Office)
Import of video and audio formats FLAC Audio flac, Matroska Media, OGG Bitstream, Quicktime Video and WebM Video supported not supported
Drawing programme LibreOffice Draw no
PIM and email programme not part of office suite, referring to Mozilla Thunderbird with Mozilla Lightning. MS Outlook
PDF Import partial, into Draw with the limitation that text is imported line-based (bug 32249). supported, into MS Word
Import of Windows Media video and audio formats as well as AAC-Audio (Advanced Audio Coding) broken, workaround for .wma and .wmv and workaround for .aac exist. supported
User interface improved to enable use on touch screen devices no, ports for Android and iOS in development (1,2,3) user interface improved for touch screen devices, but not redesigned
Online version of office suite no, in development: experimental version. Office 365
Synchronous collaborative editing no, in development: experimental version supported
Import of media formats: MP4, MOV with H.264-Video not supported (bug 60535) supported
Minor Feature Differences LibreOffice 4.0 MS Office 2013
Import of graphics formats DXF, MET, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PPM, PPM, RAS, SGF, SVM, TGA, XBM, XPM supported not supported
Import of additional video and audio formats: CD Audio, Vivo Video. supported not supported
Support of Firefox themes (Personas) supported not supported
Ink annotations (e.g. on a windows tablet computer) not supported, (only support for import of existing ink annotations from MS Word file format) supported
Live preview while formatting not supported (bug 37048) supported
Import of graphics formats MEZ, WMZ, PCZ, CGM not supported supported
Import of audio and video formats RMI, SND not supported supported

Word processors: LibreOffice Writer vs. Microsoft Word

Major Feature Differences LO Writer 4.0 MS Word 2013
Working with large documents stable layout layout problemsa
Handling of captions for graphics or image boxes stable layout layout problems
Styles (page styles, frame styles, list styles) supported not supported
Frames desktop-like features like text in multiple columns and text-wrap around graphics concept of "horizontal frames" is more limited
Overlining of text supported no, but complicated workaround
Master documents for longer texts supported supported but deprecated because it causes file corruption
Extended label creation features a supported (generic database access, synchronise content) partial
Business card wizard a supported not supported
Text auto completion of words already used before supported not supported
XForms documents creation supported not supported
Mathematical calculations in tables complex calculations only basic arithmetic
DirectCursor (allows to enter text anywhere on a page) supported not supported
DocBook import & export supported not supported
Import from Lotus WordPro supported not supported
Export to MediaWiki (Wikipedia) format supported not supported
Export to XHTML supported not supported
Grammar check out of the box only 4 languages (English, Russian, Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese)

extensions: e.g. Languagetool for 29 languages (level of language support varies), Grammalecte for French, CoGroo for Brazilian Portuguese, Duden Korrektor (commercial) for German

out of the box (22 languages supported with additional costs)
Comments for text ranges supported, but limited to a single paragraph. supported
Rotate images missing (bug 34423), solution: extensions WriterRotationTool or Easy Image Editor supported
Picture styles & additional effects not supported (bug 59906) supported
Table styles not supported (bug 34392) supported
Print comments in right margin not supported (bug 36815), only on next page or at the end of text supported
View changes in the right margin in "track changes" mode not supported (bug 34355) supported
Diagonal borders in tables not supported (bug 51665) supported
Extended reading mode of documents not supported (bug 55168) supported
Collapse and expand parts of a document not supported (bug 47746) supported
Simultaneous editing of a document not supported, in development supported (via Skydrive or Sharepoint)
XML import / export no export supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Writer 4.0 MS Word 2013
Protected cells in tables (allows better creation of forms) supported not supported
Open erroneous .doc files better recovery modea,b more frequently denies opening those files
Wizard to create personalized letter templates supported not supported
Import Hangul WP97 and T602 documents supported not supported
Import & Export Unified Office Format supported not supported
Import & Export AportisDoc (Palm), PocketWord documents supported (requires Java installed) not supported
Logo toolbar and interpreter supported not supported
Bibliographic features basic inbuilt support. Excellent extensions: e.g. Zotero, Mendeley, Bibus, JabRef, Endnote. supported plus extensions: e.g. Zotero,Mendeley, Endnote.
Decorative page borders not supported (bug 39270) supported
Add watermarks to pages not supported, workaround exists. Watermark option in PDF export. supported
Support for paragraphs longer than 65534 characters not supported (bug 30668) supported
Horizontal split view of the same document not supported (bug 31481), workaround: Windows > New Window to clone document window. supported
Additional views (outline and draft) not supported (bug 39080) supported
Export to XPS format and MS Works format not supported supported

Spreadsheet applications: LibreOffice Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Major Feature Differences LO Calc 4.0 MS Excel 2013
Comparison of two spreadsheet files supported not supported
OpenFormula standard largely supported not supported
Page styles (in addition to cell styles) supported not supported
Hyphenation in cells supported not supported
Import Lotus 123 data supported not supported
Import Quattro Pro 6 data supported not supported
Export to XHTML supported not supported
Exporting of a single chart as image (PNG, JPG) supported not supported
Number of columns per sheet max. 1024 columns (bug 50916) up to 16384 columns
Interactive diagrams / PivotChart not supported supported
Import Access databases not supported supported
Export generic XML not supported supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Calc 4.0 MS Excel 2013
View clone of spreadsheet in new window independent window cannot be moved outside the application window
Formatting of cells more detailled
e.g. feature to hide cell when printing
less features
Import Unified Office Format supported not supported
Import & Export from / to Pocket Excel supported not supported
Import from Gnumeric partial (experimental) support not supported
Quick analysis feature not supported supported
Flash fill not supported supported
Chart recommendations not supported supported
'Publishing' spreadsheet for online team meetings not supported supported
Sparklines (to give a quick overview of the trend in a data range) not supported, extension: EuroOffice Sparkline supported
Add points to a line, possibility to bend lines not supported (bug 36943) supported
Copy only visible cells not supported, extension: Copy only visible cells supported
Polynomial trend lines not supported, extension: CorelPolyGUI supported
Export to XPS format not supported supported

Presentation software: LibreOffice Impress vs. Microsoft Powerpoint

Major Feature Differences LO Impress 4.0 MS Powerpoint 2013
Hyphenation support supported not supported
Export to XHTML supported not supported
Export to HTML supported not supported (removed feature since MS Office 2013)
Export to Flash format (SWF) supported not supported
Export to EPS supported not supported
Export to SVG supported not supported
Presentation remote control for Android smartphones supported not supported
Edit embedded videos via external programs directly in the program
Comments and reply to comments partial supported
SmartArt diagrams not supported (bug 37932), solution: smArt extension supported
Save highlights and drawings during presentation not supported (bug 51928) supported
Broadcast presentation on the Internet only via export to PDF or SWF supported
Collaboration features. Several people working on same presentation not supported supported
Animated diagrams not supported supported
Record a slide show not supported supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Impress 4.0 MS Powerpoint 2013
Number of slide layouts 12 9
Export to Unified Office Format supported not supported
Export to graphics formats: MET, PBM, PICT, PGM, PPM, RAS, XPM, PWP supported not supported
Editing of master slides limited editing powerful editing
Creation of automatically starting presentations not supported, extension: ImpressRunner supported
Export to XPS format not supported supported

Database programme: LibreOffice Base vs. Microsoft Access

Major Feature Differences LO Base 4.0 MS Access 2013
SQL syntax highlighting supported not supported
Native connector to MySQL databases supported not supported
Integration of Mozilla Thunderbird address books supported not supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Base 4.0 MS Access 2013
Native connectors to dBase databases supported not supported (removed feature since Office 2013
Native connectors to SharePoint lists, Microsoft Outlook and Paradox databases not supported supported


Otras características interesantes presentes en LibreOffice 4.0 y no en Office 2013 —o estarlo parcialmente— son: la posibilidad de ejecutar la suite desde un dispositivo USB sin necesidad de estar instalada en el sistema anfitrión, el hecho de ser software de código abierto, contar con integración total entre sus componentes, ser completamente gratuito, contar con un organizado ecosistema de complementos, soportar más de 100 idiomas, soporte para lenguajes como JavaScript o Python, soporte completo del formato ODF, opciones extendidas al exportar PDFs, así como la posibilidad de importar gráficos vectoriales, archivos PSD, archivos de MS Visio, archivos FLAC, OGG, MKV y WebM, entre otros.

Claro que hay muchas otras áreas en las que Microsoft Office sale ganando: importación no parcial de PDFs (así como archivos WMA, WMV, MP4, MOV y AAC), una interfaz fácil de usar en dispositivos táctiles, una versión en línea funcional al cien por ciento, vista preliminar mientras se da formato, además de otras cuantas. No obstante, no se trata de una tabla para ver cuál de las dos suites es mejor, se trata de de una tabla de referencia para que el usuario valore cuál de las dos puede cubrir mejor sus necesidades.

En la wiki hay más tablas comparativas —entre LibreOffice Writer y Microsoft Word o LibreOffice Calc y Microsoft Excel, por ejemplo— a las que en verdad vale la pena dedicar unos minutos de nuestro tiempo.


Fuente: Wiki de The Document Foundation | I love Ubuntu | ubunlog


+1 #1 Mario 05-01-2015 21:01
Hay archivos de office que al leerlos en libreoffice se descuadran. Eso como se soluciona de manera definitiva?
De que forma se puede configurar el libreoffice para que no se descuadre la información del usuario al leer el archivo.
Que información necesitan ustedes para poder realizar esta mejora a libe office.
si no es problema de libreoffice por favor diganme

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